The mighty Prancing Horse Ilina Filipova 02/07/2024

The mighty Prancing Horse

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for you Ferrari fans, has it?

Earlier this week, I finally got around to watch the latest movie about the legendary Italian carmaker, Enzo Ferrari. 

The most pre-eminent figure in the car world, both because of his enigmatic character, but also because of the cars which, to this day, bear his name and cover the walls of many car enthusiasts around the world.

Given that he has been portrayed many times as a quiet, bigger-than-life person in previous movies (such as Ford vs Ferrari, or his very brief cameo in Rush), I’ll admit… it was a nice change of pace 🙂

Also, Adam Driver as a famous Italian? An unintended House of Gucci sequel? Va benissimo!

A friend of mine one asked me a question, repeating the same question posed by many motoring journalists all around the world, including Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson: Can a car be art? 

Most Ferrari fans will immediately say, “Obviously yes, Ferrari’s are both cars and works of art!” 

As an artist myself, while I remain unsure of how best to answer this question, I always felt inspired by some of the most prominent racing cars in history as a source of art. So, if not art in of itself, Ferraris can definitely serve as inspiration.

Indeed, one of many favourite pieces I ever got to paint, is this portrayal of one of the most famous drivers ever who raced the might Prancing Horse in an F1 circuit, the legendary Michael Schumacher. 

After all, a car like a Ferrari must satisfy three important criteria:

  1. Be Fast
  2. Be Elegant
  3. Most importantly… Be Red.

Speaking of which: Any chance Lewis Hamilton wins a Championship or two with Ferrari in 2025? 

If not in a Ferrari, then where else?!


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