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A Contemporary Artist in Malta

Ilina with boat paintings showcase
Ilina with newshadow

Artist’s Statement

I have been creating artworks since I was a child. My artistic style is inspired by the sun, sand and sea, which my beautiful home Malta has plenty of. My paintings vary from rustic Mediterranean landscapes and lovely animals catching the sunshine, to historic and religious motifs representing Malta’s rich heritage. I do not limit myself to traditional Mediterranean scenes only, and I equally enjoy painting other subjects such as abstracts, flowers, clowns, and female nudes.

Enhance Your Place with a Malta Painting

I’ve been working with numerous home owners, interior designers, office managers and hotel  administrators looking for original artworks featuring some of Malta’s most iconic views, to adorn their walls and make their place remarkable.

Shortcut Spring Butterflies
Animals, Butterflies
Shortcut Pink Orchids
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My Vast Collection of Artworks

abstract painting 4

A blast of colours in an emotional expression.

White Horse Painting

More of nature's free & colourful spectacle.

Traditional Maltese Luzzu boats in Marsaxlokk

Colourful sea with beautiful wooden craftsmanship.

Jesus crucifixion

Amazing work pieces that age gracefully.

Happy clown

Humorous and timeless colourful characters.

Bunch of Calla lily Flowers

Who doesn't love nature's colourful & fragrant art.

Valletta Church Building Artwork

In the heart of the glorious Mediterranean.

Nude lady with big sun hat

Nature's miracle and its beauty.

Matthew Ferrari

Anything else which is aesthetically fascinating.

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