Ready, Set…. Sail! Ilina Filipova 10/12/2023

Ready, Set…. Sail!

The Rolex Middle Sea Race has been an inspiration for a large number of artists such as myself; this year’s edition will certainly be no different….

As someone who has made Malta my new home all those years ago, I have always found the many different harbours around our archipelago as a continuous fountain of awe and creativity.

Whether it’s the traditional wooden luzzu in Marsaxlokk, or the brand new yachts glistening in Marsamxett, this country’s sea-faring heritage is long, illustrious and ever-present. As a fellow artist, I cannot help but feel moved and inspired, as these products of human ingenuity sail by the imposing and ever magnificent bastions of Valletta and Cottonera. 

October is also a very special part of our country’s sailing calendar. In the realm of prestigious sailing events, the Rolex Middle Sea Race stands tall – a beacon for sailors, artists, and enthusiasts alike. 

Once again, the 44th edition of this internationally-renowned competition  promises to be a spectacle.

For artists, the allure of the sea and the dynamic energy of sailing vessels provide a canvas of inspiration. The Rolex Middle Sea Race, with its challenging course and unpredictable weather conditions, becomes a muse for painters, photographers, and writers seeking to capture the essence of human determination against the backdrop of the open sea. 

The sight of sleek yachts slicing through the azure waters and battling the elements is a visual feast that transcends the boundaries of the sporting world and becomes a source of creative motivation.

Boat owners, too, find themselves drawn to the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines the Middle Sea Race. The event not only showcases cutting-edge maritime technology but also celebrates the craftsmanship and passion invested in each vessel. Boat owners and designers push the boundaries of innovation, constantly seeking to enhance performance and efficiency, making the race a crucible for nautical excellence.

Beyond the competitive spirit, the Rolex Middle Sea Race fosters a sense of unity and shared passion. The Maltese people, known for their warm hospitality, welcome sailors and visitors with open arms, creating an atmosphere where cultural exchange and mutual appreciation thrive. 

The race becomes a celebration of diversity, bringing together individuals from different corners of the world who share a common love for the sea and the sport of sailing.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race 2023 is not merely a competition but a convergence of artistry, innovation, and shared enthusiasm. It symbolises the indomitable spirit of human adventure and the enduring connection between mankind and the sea. 

As the yachts set sail against the backdrop of Malta’s historic shores, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of artists, boat owners, and spectators alike, creating an unforgettable chapter in the annals of sailing history.