Fishing in Malta: A Cultural Treasure Depicted Through Art Ilina Filipova 08/01/2023

Fishing in Malta: A Cultural Treasure Depicted Through Art

Malta, an island paradise in the centre of the Mediterranean, has a long history of fishing, which has helped to establish its distinct cultural character and illustrious nautical past. Fishing has played a significant role in Maltese culture for many years, influencing not just the island’s unique food but also its economy and traditions. As a painter, I’m drawn to the enticement of Malta’s fishing scene, and I hope to honour this long-standing custom and its significant contribution to the island’s culture through my artwork.

I enjoy painting a lot whilst I explore the lively fishing scenes along Malta’s beautiful shores. The simple beauty of fishing communities and traditional fishing boats both add to the compelling story I want to tell through my art. I capture the passion and spirit of Malta’s fishing culture by employing colours and brushstrokes to bring to life the rhythmic dance of the fishing boats on the azure waters.

I want to use my artistic journey to highlight the value of fishing in Maltese culture and its significant contribution to the preservation of the island’s heritage.

🐠 These are some of my local fishing themed paintings, hope you like them! 🐠

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